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Jim Mitchell and Todd Ramsey Settle Wrongful Death and Injury Case Against Car Dealership

Jim Mitchell and Todd Ramsey represented a young mother and her family in wrongful death, personal injury and bystander claims resulting from a defective minivan. Through their hard work, they discovered that an important safety feature had been disabled on the minivan. The disabled safety feature is called a brake transmission shift interlock (“BTSI”) – a feature which prevents vehicles from being put into gear unintentionally. Specifically, this safety feature prevents children, and others, from putting a vehicle into gear without depressing the brake pedal. Jim and Todd discovered that the safety feature had been disabled when a GPS device had been installed on the minivan by a used car dealership. The GPS device was installed so the car dealership could locate and repossess the vehicle in the event of non-payment. Unfortunately, with the safety feature disabled, the vehicle was able to be placed into gear without depressing the brake and it ran over the young mother and her infant son. The mother was seriously injured and the infant son was killed. Jim and Todd recovered a significant settlement for the family members impacted by this tragedy.

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