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Payne Mitchell Ramsey is centered on several core principles, including a deep belief in our clients and their cases; an unparalleled tenacity in seeking truth from defendants who may wish to hide or avoid liability; excellence in advocacy; and an ethical and honest approach with our clients, juries, courts and opposing counsel.

Our Philosophy

Most of our clients are facing life-changing events – either serious and permanent injuries, or perhaps even the loss of a loved one. Families coping with these circumstances deserve a legal team devoted to a personal, individualized approach.

In a world in which frivolous lawsuits abound, Payne Mitchell Ramsey only takes cases in which we believe that our client is correct – and deserving of significant compensation. We carefully investigate each case. Ultimately, we’re sincerely motivated to fight for our clients' rights, and passionately driven to convince a jury that our position is correct.

Ultimately, success in your lawsuit depends upon how well your legal team can advocate for your position. That means taking only a few select cases and devoting substantial time and resources to prosecuting them. It also means working harder to hone our trial and settlement presentations through focus groups and mock trials. The goal isn’t simply to be prepared, but to be more prepared than our opponent.

Once Payne Mitchell Ramsey takes on your case, we interview every critical witness, doggedly pursue the defendant’s documents, and force key witnesses to testify under oath. This approach has consistently resulted in outstanding results for our clients – either by way of trial or settlement.

Our National Reach

Although headquartered in Dallas, our reputation extends well beyond the state of Texas. We have worked on cases throughout the United States, and routinely partner with other firms who are in need of our proven expertise.


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Jim Mitchell, Andy Payne and Todd Ramsey have established a reputation as being among the most effective and accomplished trial attorneys. They have been widely recognized by their peers, judges and the legal community for their professionalism and exceptional track record. Together, they work to ensure that the same level of dedication and commitment is held by all attorneys at Payne Mitchell Ramsey.

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