Payne Mitchell Ramsey

Jim Mitchell Obtains $38 Million Dollar Verdict Against General Motors

Texas Supreme Court Unanimously Affirms $20M+ Judgment Against Emerson Climate And Fusite

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Jim Mitchell Obtains a Jury Verdict of $36 Million in Sarah Milburn v. American Honda Motor Company Inc.

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Andy Payne and Todd Ramsey Receive a $3.6 Million Verdict against Williams and Advanced Stimulation Technologies Inc.

Andy Payne and Todd Ramsey obtain a jury verdict of $2.6 million

Notable Results

At Payne Mitchell Ramsey, we’re here to make a difference. Often, it’s helping victims of negligence or faulty products gain restitution for the personal and financial hardships they’ve incurred. Other times, we rectify conditions that exist in the marketplace, and move industries toward a better, safer way of doing business. But in everything we do, we seek to make a fundamental difference in the lives of the people we represent.

Notable Results

Cameron Salehi Resolves Medical Malpractice Case For Insurance Policy Limits

Cameron Salehi successfully resolved a medical malpractice case involving a retained object for a confidential settlement within policy limits. Our client initially underwent a routine surgery, during which the surgeon and nurses, unfortunately, failed to adhere to hospital procedures aimed at ensuring that no foreign objects are inadvertently left inside the patient. After our client endured years of pain, a second surgery was conducted to remove the improperly retained object from our client's body.

Jim Mitchell Sues Hospital for Overmedication

Jim sued a large hospital for overdosing the wife of his client. The hospital staff overmedicated our client's wife with a blood thinner, Heparin, causing her to bleed out and ultimately die. Jim negotiated a confidential settlement on behalf of the husband of the deceased woman.  

Jim Mitchell Settles Case Against a Rehabilitation Hospital

Jim settled a case against a rehabilitation hospital for a confidential amount for nurses failing to report a patient fall in a rehab facility and failing to monitor the patient’s status, resulting in her becoming paralyzed. Jim successfully negotiated a settlement with the hospital.

Andy Payne Settles a Pharmacy Malpractice Case

A national chain pharmacy gave a mind-altering drug to a teenager who was supposed to receive acne medicine. The mis-filled prescription placed the teenager in ICU for an extended and scary hospital stay. The case was resolved for a confidential sum and our client’s efforts changed the way this pharmacy operates so we are all safer.

Jim Mitchell Settles Case with Neurosurgeon After Surgery Mishap

Jim Mitchell settled a case against a local neurosurgeon who operated on the wrong level of his patient’s spine. This costly mistake required the need for corrective surgery and resulted in permanent disability for our client. The case settled for a confidential amount.

Jim Mitchell and Andy Payne Settle a Hospital Overdose Case

Jim and Andy settle case against Paris Regional Hospital for a confidential amount, after nurses administered excessive amounts of medications causing the plaintiff to suffer serious brain injury and paralysis. What was supposed to be a routine sleep apnea surgery ended in tragedy, as our client was rendered quadriplegic as a result of the nursing error.  Jim and Andy successfully negotiated a substantial settlement with the hospital.

Jim Mitchell Obtains $900,000 Verdict Against Doctor

Jim Mitchell obtained a jury verdict against a local doctor in the amount of $900,000 regarding the death of a 45 year old man who was prematurely discharged from the hospital with an infection. The insurance company for the doctor did not offer any money to settle the case before trial. The jury’s verdict was unanimous.

Andy Payne Settles a Substantial Medical Malpractice Case Against a Major Hospital

Andy Payne represented a young person who went in for routine surgery. The hospital failed to follow appropriate procedures and orders. As a result, our client went into cardiac arrest leading to avoidable brain damage. Payne Mitchell Ramsey was able to obtain a significant settlement against this medical institution for a confidential sum.

Jim Mitchell Successfully Settles Medical Malpractice Case Against G.I. Doctor

Jim Mitchell successfully settled a medical malpractice case against a G.I. doctor for perforating the colon of a woman during a routine colonoscopy. The perforation resulted in the death of a 50 year old woman undergoing a routine colonoscopy. The case settled for a confidential amount favorable to Jim's clients, the surviving children and spouse of the patient.

Andy Payne and Jim Mitchell Settle a Medical Malpractice Case Against an Orthopedic Surgeon

Andy Payne and Jim Mitchell represented a client who sustained significant injuries when her bowel was perforated during a lumbar discectomy. The doctor paid his policy limits after significant discovery was completed.

Jim Mitchell Settles Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Regarding Birth Trauma

Jim Mitchell filed a lawsuit in Oklahoma regarding the birth injury and ultimate death of a baby delivered in Idabel, Oklahoma. The lawsuit alleged that the doctor and hospital failed to recognize signs of fetal distress and to timely perform a cesarean section resulting in brain damage to the child and its ultimate death. Mr. Mitchell was able to successfully negotiate a confidential settlement for his clients, the parents of the child.

Andy Payne Settles a Neurosurgery Malpractice Case

Andy Payne represented an individual in a case against a neurosurgeon who caused significant brain damage during a botched pituitary tumor removal. The case settled for the doctor’s insurance policy limits after the completion of discovery.

Andy Payne Obtains a Significant Confidential Settlement in a Medical Malpractice Case

Andy Payne represented the family of Debra Cason who was killed during a routine back surgery. The defendants in the case were the back surgeon, the anesthesiologist, and the hospital.  Mr. Payne was able to obtain a substantial confidential settlement for Debra Cason’s husband and young child.

Jim Mitchell Settles With Doctor After Failure to Diagnose Bone Fracture

Jim Mitchell settled a case against a doctor who misread an x ray showing a fractured pelvis on an elderly patient. The patient was presented to the emergency room of a local hospital after a serious fall. Despite clear signs of a fractured pelvis on the x ray imaging, the Emergency room doctor discharged the patient home without proper treatment for the injury. Subsequently the patient died from fatal complications which arose from bleeding at the untreated fracture site. Jim settled the case for a confidential amount.