Payne Mitchell Ramsey

Jim Mitchell Obtains $38 Million Dollar Verdict Against General Motors

Texas Supreme Court Unanimously Affirms $20M+ Judgment Against Emerson Climate And Fusite

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Jim Mitchell Obtains a Jury Verdict of $36 Million in Sarah Milburn v. American Honda Motor Company Inc.

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Andy Payne and Todd Ramsey Receive a $3.6 Million Verdict against Williams and Advanced Stimulation Technologies Inc.

Andy Payne and Todd Ramsey obtain a jury verdict of $2.6 million

Notable Results

At Payne Mitchell Ramsey, we’re here to make a difference. Often, it’s helping victims of negligence or faulty products gain restitution for the personal and financial hardships they’ve incurred. Other times, we rectify conditions that exist in the marketplace, and move industries toward a better, safer way of doing business. But in everything we do, we seek to make a fundamental difference in the lives of the people we represent.

Notable Results

Andy Payne and Todd Ramsey Settle Robinson R-44 Helicopter Crash

Andy Payne and Todd Ramsey represented a young woman who suffered numerous severe injuries when her Robinson R-44 crashed in a remote area near San Diego, California. Through their aggressive work they were able to negotiate a significant confidential sum. 

Andy Payne Settles Litigation Resulting from an Airplane Crash in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Luis Marina, a passenger on a single engine aircraft, was killed when a failure in the fuel system allowed the engine to stall on a critical approach to landing.This prevented the pilot from reaching the airport, resulting in a crash landing and fatal injuries to both Mr. Marina and the pilot. The case was litigated against the aircraft and engine manufacturers as well as several component part suppliers involved in the engine and fuel delivery systems. This case was pending in Washington State and was resolved for significant, confidential sums against all Defendants.

Andy Payne Settles a Helicopter Death Case

Andy Payne sued a television company when an Army helicopter crashed into a TV tower that did not have the required flashing lights illuminated. The helicopter crash killed seven U.S. soldiers. Andy Payne was able to obtain a significant confidential settlement for his client just before the trial of the case.

Andy Payne Settles a King Air Turboprop Crash Case Against the Pilot

Andy Payne represented a mother of a small child who was a passenger on a King Air that crashed on landing. Andy Payne proved that the pilot allowed the airplane to become too slow on landing which resulted in a crash that killed all occupants. The case was settled just before trial for a significant confidential sum.

Andy Payne Settles a Plane Crash Case in Levelland, Texas

Andy Payne was able to settle a case against a fixed base operator who exercised unsafe procedures, which allowed company vehicles to drive onto an active runway. These actions caused a plane to crash, killing Andy's client. The policies of the FBO were changed and Andy was able to obtain significant confidential settlement on behalf of his clients.

Andy Payne Settles an Offshore Helicopter Crash Case in Louisiana

Andy Payne represented an oilfield worker who was a passenger in a helicopter that crashed after takeoff. The helicopter crashed because the maintenance company failed to reconnect a fuel hose after a routine inspection. Mr. Payne was able to obtain a substantial confidential settlement for his client.

Andy Payne Settles a Plane Crash in Spain

Andy Payne was able to successfully obtain a settlement from a U.S. aircraft manufacturer for a plane crash, which occurred outside of Barcelona, Spain. The settlement will provide financial security to the family and additional incentive to the manufacturer to redesign its product.

Andy Payne Settles a Plane Crash Case in Arkansas

Andy Payne was hired by a family who was a passenger on an aircraft that crashed into a mountain obstructed by clouds. The case resulted in a significant confidential settlement.

Andy Payne Obtains a Significant Confidential Settlement in a Helicopter Crash

Andy Payne was retained to represent a family whose son was killed when a helicopter in which he was riding crashed into an unlit TV tower. A lawsuit was filed against the television company for failure to follow FCC regulations in having their TV tower lit. After a year of hard fought litigation, the case settled for a substantial confidential sum.

Andy Payne Settles an Aviation Products Liability Case Concerning a Crash in Barcelona, Spain

The pilot and passenger of an Air Tractor AT-802 airplane hired Andy Payne to pursue an aviation products liability case. Mr. Payne filed a products liability action against Air Tractor because the airplane failed to distribute proper control characteristics under certain flight configurations. This defect can cause the airplane to enter an unrecoverable flat spin. Mr. Payne successfully settled the case with Air Tractor under this theory.

Andy Payne Successfully Settles a Beach Craft 1900 Air Plane Crash

Andy Payne represented a passenger on a Beach 1900 that crashed into the side of a mountain under low visibility conditions. Mr. Payne litigated this hard thought case across the country—from Texas and Kansas to Arkansas and Alaska. As a result, Mr. Payne successfully settled this case on confidential terms favorable to his clients.

Andy Payne Obtains Settlements in an Aviation Disaster

Andy was able to obtain a settlement relating to a aircraft crash occurring in East Texas. The crash occurred due to an engine failure on take-off.