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Notable Results

At PayneMitchell Law Group, we’re here to make the difference. Often, it’s helping victims of negligence or faulty products gain restitution for the personal and financial hardships they’ve incurred. Other times, we rectify conditions that exist in the marketplace, and move industries toward a better, safer way of doing business. But in everything we do, we seek to make a fundamental difference in the lives of the people we represent.
  • Going the Extra Mile in a Highway Accident
    Going the Extra Mile in a Highway Accident + More
  • Driving Safer Vehicle Design
    Driving Safer Vehicle Design + More
  • It Weighs Less Than A Nickel
    It Weighs Less Than A Nickel + More

More Notable Results

  • Jim Mitchell Settles Case with Neurosurgeon After Surgery Mishap  + More
  • Andy Payne Settles a Tire Detread Case  + More
  • Jim Mitchell Settles Case Against Home Health Care Company  + More
  • Jim Mitchell and Andy Payne Settle a Hospital Overdose Case  + More
  • Todd Ramsey Settles Medical Malpractice Case Against Major Local Hospital  + More
  • Jim Mitchell Settles Defective Helmet Case  + More
  • Andy Payne Settles a Ford F-350 Roof Crush Case Against Ford Motor Company  + More
  • Andy Payne Settles with Automobile Manufacture Relating to a Fuel-Fed Fire  + More
  • Jim Settles Product Liability Lawsuit Against General Motors for Defective Seatbelts  + More