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At PayneMitchell Law Group, we handle only a select number of cases. In doing so, we've created niche expertise in aviation disasters, product defect cases, medical malpractice, commercial vehicle and other catastrophic personal injury matters. By limiting our docket to a handful of significant cases, we're able to take an individualized and aggressive approach, and bring our full expertise to bear on each and every case.

Products Liability

Customers expect the products they buy to work safely and effectively. And for the most part, the companies who manufacture those products work hard to win consumer confidence and trust. From time to time, however, an incident involving a faulty product design – or even a failure on the part of a manufacturer to adequately warn consumers of certain product risks – can lead to a catastrophic loss. In these cases, an attorney needs to be equal parts advocate and engineer. Our founding partners frequently lecture on this complex area of law, and have successfully handled hundreds of product defect cases.

Relevant Cases Handled

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