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At PayneMitchell Law Group, we handle only a select number of cases. In doing so, we've created niche expertise in aviation disasters, product defect cases, medical malpractice, commercial vehicle and other catastrophic personal injury matters. By limiting our docket to a handful of significant cases, we're able to take an individualized and aggressive approach, and bring our full expertise to bear on each and every case.


What may appear to be an accident or a simple oversight on the part of an individual or a company can often be traced to a repeated failure to follow safety regulations or to properly use equipment. Unfortunately, cutting corners to save money leads some people to make poor decisions — sometimes with catastrophic results.

PayneMitchell Law Group believes that businesses and individuals are accountable. We work to promote tighter regulations whenever they serve the interests of those who have suffered as a result of negligence. And we aggressively use our business knowledge and technical expertise to earn fair awards for our clients.

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  • Protecting Those Who Work Hard
    Protecting Those Who Work Hard + More