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At PayneMitchell Law Group, we handle only a select number of cases. In doing so, we've created niche expertise in aviation disasters, product defect cases, medical malpractice, commercial vehicle and other catastrophic personal injury matters. By limiting our docket to a handful of significant cases, we're able to take an individualized and aggressive approach, and bring our full expertise to bear on each and every case.

Commercial Vehicles

It’s as obvious as it is tragic — when a large commercial truck hits a passenger car, the occupants of the car are most likely to suffer. In fact, 98 percent of the individuals killed in such collisions are in the passenger car.

No matter how safe a vehicle you select or how responsibly you operate it on the highway, you are at risk from the actions of others. And, to make matters worse, many trucking companies do very little to train or monitor their drivers. Some even encourage their operators to exceed the speed limit or drive when tired, by offering financial incentives by the mile or the load.

At PayneMitchell Law Group, our attorneys have an understanding of the complex regulations governing trucking safety, and the experience of handling multimillion-dollar cases. As always, our goal is to encourage safer operations and improved standards, making the roads less dangerous for trucks and passenger vehicles alike.

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